Remanufactured Engines

From Pt Cruisers To Custom Drag Racers, Precision Machine Service Is The #1 Source In Jacksonville For Remanufactured And Crate Engines. 
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Remanufactured Engines

Precision Machine Service, Inc. has been supplying the finest remanufactured engines available since 1973. Our experienced machinists and technicians provide engine rebuilding and installations to the highest quality of standards.

Remanufactured engines offer the same quality as a new engine at a fraction of the cost, and get better gas mileage than a worn engine with fewer pollutants. Engine Remanufacturing also saves a lkot of the energy used in processing discarded engines and vehicles, as well as conserving energy and resources required to manufacture new engines.

Another benefit of rebuilding engines is that they are now able to meet the latest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. With today’s improvements in OEM specs different from the original, your engine has a good chance of running smoother and more efficiently than ever before!


What is a remanufactured or rebuilt engine?

A remanufactured engine means that it has been unassembled and parts have been machined and replaced in order to restore the engine to factory specifications. This typically happens to engines  pulled from higher mileage vehicles, or if they had suffered some sort of ailment. A remanufactured engine can generally be considered close to new condition when the service is performed by Precision Machine Service.

Why should I buy a remanufactured engine?

Aside from their superior quality compared to the alternatives, one of the main reasons to buy a remanufactured engine is the economic value they provide. With the improved quality of today’s  car bodies and chassis, replacing the engine makes economic sense.

With a reasonable investment, you can repower your vehicle with a remanufactured engine that has been returned to original manufacturer specifications. With Precision Machine Service, you can expect the performance and durability of the engine to equal or exceed that of the original engine. 


Our Mission

The Power Exchange division of Precision Machine Service, Inc. offers a number of engine solutions for all North East Florida. With a full team of highly skilled, knowledgeable, seasoned mechanics, we specialize in repair, replacement, restoration and modification of engines on all types of cars and light trucks.

A quality engine repair will save you thousands of dollars in vehicle replacement costs as well as restoring the value of a vehicle with an engine problem. And the warranty we give on our engine work shows the dedication and commitment we put into each project we undertake! 

If you’re in Jacksonville, Florida or any of the surrounding areas and are on the lookout for top-notch Engine Block Machining, Cylinder Head Rebuilding, Flywheel Refacing, Crankshaft Grinding, or other related services for your car – you couldn’t have come to a better place than Precision Machine Service!




Always remember, at Precision Machine Service we fix it right and we guarantee it too! Trust us for…

Cylinder heads

Air conditioning

Super chargers

Emission systems

EGR systems

Starting systems

Computer systems

Induction systems

Turbo chargers

Cooling systems

Fuel systems


Rod reconditioning

Thermal cleaning

Shaft straightening

Engine sim testing

Shot blasting

Soda blasting

Crank polishing

Block squaring


Surface grinding

Machine honing

...and more!

4 Year

engine Warranty

At Precision Machine Service, customer satisfaction always comes first. That's why we back all our engines with up-to a trusted 4 year parts and labor warranty.


4 Year Warranty


60,000 Miles


Fully Covered Against All Major Defects

NUMBER: MV#09231


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